The Edwardian Society of Oregon thoroughly enjoys our times together. From strolling in beautiful parks to visiting museums, from house parties to our annual Bring Your Own Boat Picnic, we have found ways to explore the fun, fads, and fashions of the Edwardian Era.

Our Plans for the Future

We are happy to announce these Edwardian events that are planned for 2023. We do not have specific dates confirmed for all of them, but we will publish them as soon as we know! Download PDF for 2023 Events

You’ll find the latest information about upcoming and impromptu events as well as recent photos if you visit our Facebook group: ESO Facebook page. Most of our events throughout the year are open to both members and non-members alike. And – most of our activities do not require that you wear an Edwardian costume – although that is a big part of the fun! If you are curious about whether you would fit in, please reach out, either in the Facebook group or by email: please email us.

As the year unfolds, we will add online events like book discussions and virtual sewing chats. You can also expect “pop-up” events as the weather permits, where we will visit places like public gardens (irises, lilacs, roses, and rhododendrons all come to mind). All of these will be shared on Facebook or through emails to our members.


What is The Edwardian Society's purpose?

We enjoy the style and spirit of the Edwardian era, approximately 1900 to 1919. Although this time in history was brief, its impact on the 20th century was huge. We will explore the ideas, arts, culture and style of the Edwardian era through our activities.

Who can be a member?

Membership is open to anyone interested in this time period. We especially invite those who want to dress in the clothing of 1900 to 1919 and participate in the activities of the group. Members will receive email announcements of Living History events, plus discounts on tickets to Edwardian Society activities.

What types of activities does it include and promote?

Many of our activities will be “play.” Everyone is welcome to attend, at any level of Edwardian dress, just to enjoy the style and activities of the early 20th century. These will include picnics, potluck parties, and promenades. A few of our activities will be at the “living history” level. For these, we will all take more care with our appearance and manners, to more closely match the mood of the era. These may include cultural events, dinner parties, dances, and eventually, immersion weekends and retreats. Our activities are limited only by our imaginations and our pocketbooks!

Where is it located?

Most of our activities and events will take place in the Portland Metro area and the Willamette Valley, although we hope to venture farther afield in the future.

How can I participate?

You are welcome to attend our events whether you are a member or not. But ... should you become a member? We certainly hope so! The cost of annual dues is low. As a member you will have advance notice of our events, reduced admission to workshops, and the chance to support the projects of the Edwardian Society of Oregon. You can join by clicking on the button above. In the meantime, if you have questions, please email us for information!

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